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Our Sustainability Approach

Telerko Turizm A.Ş. Sueno Hotels has been committed to an eco-friendly approach since the first day we started serving. We aim to continuously add new dimensions to our environmentally friendly approach, collaborating with both our staff and guests throughout this process.

In addition to the sensitive approach we demonstrate in all our work and activities, we reflect the natural reflections of the meticulous efforts we have made in environmental protection and sustainable tourism through our management systems and certifications.

Our Sustainability Approach
Certificates and Awards

Our Sueno Hotels Beach Side property has been entitled to receive the “ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate” since 2006, and our Sueno Hotels Golf/Deluxe Belek property since 2008. Thanks to our sensitivity to sea water cleanliness, environmental management, and education, our Sueno Hotels Beach Side beach has continuously received the “Blue Flag Award” since 2007, and our Sueno Hotels Golf/Deluxe Belek beach has earned the same award since 2009. Furthermore, in recognition of our outstanding efforts and meticulous work, we have been awarded the “Green Key Award,” an international eco-label that supports and rewards environmental protection initiatives, climate change prevention, and contribution to sustainable tourism, since 2013.

Our Sustainability Approach
Our Roadmap

The steps we take to develop a sustainability perspective with all our stakeholders and to embrace it as a management style create new opportunities every day.

In all our efforts at Sueno Hotels, the following are our priorities:

Acting with a guest-centric approach.
Making our employees feel valued.
Being focused on innovative and creative ideas.

With our commitment to making a difference in all areas and providing quality service, we continue to shape our roadmap.


Our Sustainability Policy

Based on the principles of “Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection,” SUENO HOTELS aims to target and commit to the following in all processes within the company:

Compliance with internationally approved legal regulations, environmental laws, regulations, and other obligations by official institutions.
Transforming the perspective of sustainability into a corporate culture and raising awareness among both employees and stakeholders in this field.
Preserving natural resources and using them in the most efficient manner.
Supporting the preservation of local and overall biological diversity.
Preventing factors contributing to environmental pollution and reducing carbon footprint.
Controlling potential environmental impacts from the design stage to the end of the lifecycle; minimizing damages.
Reducing or controlling waste at its source as much as possible and recovering it for recycling to prevent pollution.
Contributing to continuous improvement through environmental risk analyses and setting goals with action plans.
Embracing the concept of the life cycle and using environmentally friendly products.
Increasing environmental awareness among all our employees through visual and practical training sessions on environmental issues for our employees and suppliers.
Communicating with relevant parties and sharing information when necessary.
Supporting stakeholder participation in decision-making processes by considering stakeholders’ desires and expectations.
Conducting training sessions to continuously enhance the personal development, skills, experience, and knowledge of all our employees.
Ensuring full compliance with all laws regulating human rights and labor rights.
Ensuring equal opportunities in the recruitment process and focusing on improving working standards.
Ensuring the employment of all personnel candidates, regardless of age, language, race, color, gender, religion, disability, socio-economic status, or similar reasons, who have the required education, experience, and competencies as well as personalities compatible with our corporate culture and values at all levels of our company without discrimination.
Providing equal, standard, and safe working conditions for all our employees.
Creating a healthy and safe working and living environment for all our employees, subcontractors, and guests.
Identifying potential hazards and risks to which our employees may be exposed in advance and preventing possible occupational accidents and occupational diseases.
Developing social projects that will contribute to the social and economic development of the community and create opportunities for cooperation.
Supporting any initiatives that may be beneficial to the development of our region.
Ensuring harmonious relationships between the local community and our staff.
Supporting foundations, associations, and unions established for regional development and cooperating in all possible processes.
Supporting environmental activities of public and private organizations and participating in environmental events.
Preserving and respecting historical values and cultural diversity in the geographic areas where we operate.
Efforts to strengthen cultural heritage for future generations.
Facilitating the use and development of innovative technologies that contribute to sustainable development.
Adapting appropriate digital transformation processes by analyzing environmentally friendly outcomes to disseminate sustainable, flexible, transparent, and fast business processes and increase efficiency.
Ensuring the security of all information related to our employees and guests.
Considering our guests as the focal point and identifying their expectations and needs in advance to ensure maximum satisfaction.
Addressing each dissatisfaction individually and turning it into satisfaction.
Efforts to ensure the sustainability of the supply chain and implement fair trade practices.
Producing reliable food under hygienic conditions from raw material to presentation in all processes from beginning to end.
Measuring and evaluating the economic, environmental, and social impacts of all activities and taking improvement actions to reduce negative impacts.

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